"A well balanced diet is a cupcake in each hand"

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Specialty Cupcakes


Ooh So Good Cookies and Cream*:  Chocolate cake blended with cream-filled chocolate cookie, topped with cream-filled chocolate cookie buttercream. *Blonde version available 
Snicker My Doodle: Cinnamon cake topped with a cinnamon buttercream make this classic cookie into a cupcake.
Lemon Bliss:  Lemon cake with a hidden dollop of lemon curd topped with lemon zest buttercream. 
Joe's Birthday Carrot Cake:  Classic carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting. 
That's a Whopper:  Malt  flavored yellow cake topped with chocolate malt buttercream
Tiramisu:  Yellow sponge soaked with espresso topped with mascarpone and cocoa. 
We're All Irish:  Yellow cake infused with Irish Cream Liquor and pecans drenched in an Irish Cream Liquor glaze

 Cocktail Cupcakes

RumCha "Cha" ta: White RumChata cake topped with RumChata buttercream. Cinnamon toast crunch for adults.
Grasshopper: Chocolate cake topped with Crème DeMint buttercream. 
Lemon Drop!: White cake laced with Lemon Vodka topped with a Lemon Vodka buttercream.
Mmm Mmm Moscato: Moscato flavored cake with a vanilla and Moscato buttercream 
Joe's Birthday Carrot Cake: 2 Layer carrot cake with cream cheese filling and frosting 
9" round-serves approx. 12-14
12" round-serves approx. 22-25
14" round-serves approx. 45-50
*3 layer cake is available

Specialty Cakes 

Gooey Butter Cake*: A nod to our home town and a St. Louis tradition. A yellow coffee cake base with a ooey gooey top. 
*Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake is also available
We're All Irish: Yellow cake infused with Irish Cream Liquor and pecans drenched in a Irish Cream glaze 
9" Bundt
Dozen $25.00
*all cupcakes are standard size

Dozen $33.00
*all cupcakes are standard size
Marriage Made in Heaven:  Chocolate cake with peanut butter cup treat inside topped with peanut butter buttercream.


 *Please call for Specialty Cakes pricing